North weymouth flag football

The North Weymouth Flag Football League (NWFFL) is sponsored by the NFL.  The league lets boys and girls, ages 6-17, play non-contact NFL FLAG football on teams and in leagues around the country.

The games are always fun and you’ll have lots of field-time during the non-stop action. Everyone gets to play in NFL FLAG leagues and good sportsmanship and teamwork are always emphasized.

Plus, you get to sharpen your football skills, learn new ones and – best of all – PLAY FOOTBALL!

When you're looking for a sports team for your child, we know you have plenty of choices. What you're really looking for is a growth experience. It's important to understand your child's end goal, and to develop their ultimate potential both on and off the field. Whether you're grooming a collegiate athlete, or your child is just playing for fun - you've come to the right place to bring out their best.

Feel free to contact League President Michael Concannon with questions (

WELCOME TO North Weymouth Flag Football!



All teams in all divisions will be in the playoffs.  The games will be determined by the standings.  Teams with the same record at the end of the regular season will be ranked based on head-to-head and points against. Brackets for playoffs will be posted to this site after the last regular season game. Please check your standings as we will be unable to change playoff games after the brackets are complete.  High seeds play low seeds and this will continue throughout the playoffs.

Games will be a half hour each and some games will begin at 8:00AM. Most teams that win will play another game and/or possibly two more games on the same day.  Teams that lose are out.  Remember to check the field number of your game. As of now, all games on this day will be played at Mitchell field.

Music, free pizza and free drinks will be provided for players and their families.  We will be selling raffle tickets to win great prizes.

COACHES: Please stop by the Mitchell concession stand to pick up gifts for your team before your games on November 2.  Also, go over all rules and questions with the referees before the games.


The championship games and possibly the semi-championship games will held on November 9 and will be one hour games.