North weymouth flag football

Coaching Expectations

  • Play Time - All players attending the game are to play and each player should have equal playing time as close as you can get.

  • Uniforms -
    • All players must have their shirts tucked in and their belts positioned correctly with the flags hanging from hip area.
    • Players must wear their full NWFFL uniform in order to play.
    • No baseball caps allowed. As the weather gets colder, knit hats are okay.

  • 6 vs. 6 Game Play -  Due to the large number of players on some teams, as long as both coaches agree , the game can be played six players against six players instead of five against five.

  • Scores/Standings - If your team wins please write the game scores in the scorebook at the concession stand after your game each week so we can put the division standings up on the website.

  • Practices - Each team must have a minimum of a one hour practice per week.