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Coaches Corner

Welcome to the Coaches Corner!  

Here we try to provide a few helpful resources for coaches, new or old.   Volunteer coaches are the straw that stirs the drink for the NWFFL, so we want to help provide as much support as we can... without giving away all of the coaching secrets.   

The NWFFL Rules are customized for our league for what was determined to provide a better experience for the kids.  Some formations and plays may not be allowed in the NWFFL.   Please consult the Official NWFFL Rule Book for any questions.  


Here are a couple of playbooks from NFL Flag.   They can be helpful for any division:

NFL FLAG Trips/Spread Offense Playbook

NFL Flag Split/I Formation Playbook


Here is the officlal NWFFL Rule Book.... 
nwffl rules .pdf

Practice Tips

NWFFL coaches should have one practice per week.   Practices may be held at a time and location at the coaches discretion to allow for whatever schedule works best for that team.  

New (and old) coaches often debate how to best run practices.   Several resources are available on the internet, and a few of our favorite tips are below:

Be Organized:  Have a plan of what you want to accomplish and a rough schedule for your practice.   Trust us, especially in the lower Divisions, organization is key.

Mix it Up:  This may shock you, but young kids can at times have short attention spans.   Try running several different drills for 10 or 15 minutes a piece to keep them engaged. 

Practice Fundamentals:  Seems obvious, but repetition is key to tackle basic fundamentals like snapping the ball, handoffs, flag pulling, etc.
Scrimmage with other teams:  Always good practice game conditions and have a friendly scrimmage with other teams.  Several coaches start to look to change it up midway through the season so don't hesitate to ask other coaches.  


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